“Snehabhyangadyatha Kumbhashcarma Snehavimardanat”

As polishing with lubricants makes a pot, leather and cartwheel shining, smooth and strong, the body also becomes strong and possesses beautiful skin by massaging it (daily) with oil.

The Ayurvedic approach to health offers a wide variety of treatments to prevent disease or restore health. At the Maharishi Health Centre we are happy to provide our guests with authentic ayurvedic quality for the greatest benefits you can gain for your wellbeing.

Your comfort is of most importance to us. We therefore take extensive care in analyzing your health situation on arrival here in Seelisberg. Our ayurvedic doctor who is also a trained western physician will formulate your treatment program based on the ayurvedic pulse diagnosis. The basic structure of your treatment plan depends also on the available time for your stay, but usually consists of pre cure, manual applications such as massages, ….., …… as well as …….

A daily meeting with the doctor provides the opportunity to evaluate the effects of the treatments, adjust the treatment plan according to your needs, and to answer questions. Before your departure, the doctor will make recommendations in order to help you stabilize the benefits of your stay here at the Health Centre. If necessary, herbal medicines or essential oils will be prescribed. Furthermore our guests can receive recommendations on how to improve diet and daily routine.

For your stay at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre we have the following recommendations to suit your individual time and treatment requirements:

10 days or longer - Panchakarma
If you have 10 days or more: Panchakarma provides a profound cleansing and deeply regenerates the body. It is excellent for maintaining good health but also helpful when one desires help in changing damaging lifestyle habits such as quitting smoking, eating healthier and establishing a good routine.

6 - 7 days - Ayurvedic break

One day - One Day Wonder