For what kind of stay should you come?

Your Treatment programme is individualized. It is established by our Ayurvedic doctor during the first meeting and can be adjusted daily. At the end of your stay, the doctor helps you prepare for your follow-up programme at home.

Your treatment programme is established by our Ayurvedic physician on the basis of the pulse diagnosis.

A daily meeting with the doctor provides the opportunity to evaluate the effects of the treatments, to adjust the treatment plan according to your needs, and to answer questions.

Before your departure, the doctor will make recommendations in order to help you stabilize the benefits of the treatment and adjust your diet and your daily routine. If necessary, she will prescribe herbal medicines or essential oils.

For what kind of stay should you come ?
You have 10 days or more at your disposal and you feel the need of deeply cleansing the body in order to be able to regenerate; you present signs of "Ama" (link to Ama questionnaire) or you need to change your life habits. The doctor highly recommends it for your health condition.
Choose Panchakarma

You have only few days at your disposal (less than a week), your priority is to revitalize (e.g. in cases of burn-out or exhaustion). You need a deep rest in a peaceful environment, enjoying easily digestible Ayurvedic meals, discussing your health situation with the doctor, receiving Ayurvedic treatments appropriate to your condition, discovering and/or practising Yoga and Meditation, listening to peace-creating Gandharva-Veda Music, etc.
Choose an Ayurvedic Break

You have only one day time, or you would like to offer to a friend or a relative the gift of discovering Ayurveda.
Choose our « One-Day-Wonder »