Ayurvedic Phytotherapy and Essential Oils

 « Dravyaguna »



According to the Veda, the « intelligence » in the plants helps to wake-up the « intelligence » of the cells.


All our oils and treatment pastes are prepared with Ayurvedic herbs which are essential for the efficiency of the treatment.


Our doctor has at her disposal several hundred preparations of herbs and minerals that she can prescribe according to your imbalances.


Essential oils are described as the « life force » of the aromatic plants. They can be associated for strengthening or making more complete the effects of the treatment.




We use high quality « Maharishi Ayurveda" herbal preparations and « VedAroma » or « Oshadi » Essential Oils:


Maharishi Ayurveda is officially recognized for its authenticity and its high quality


Maharishi Ayurveda has been officially recognized by the « All India Ayurvedic Congress for the authenticity of its Ayurvedic production. It combines an ancestral knowledge with modern techniques of quality control.



The production is supervised by a council of Ayurvedic experts  


The Maharishi Ayurveda products are strictly prepared according to traditional recipes of Ayurveda and include the potential of this precious knowledge.

All the steps of production are controlled by a council of Vaidyas (Ayurvedic experts).

This council was founded by famous Indian experts:

B.D Triguna, adviser to the Indian government and former president of the Indian Society of Ayurvedic Physicians,

Balradj Maharishi, who has been one the best experts in Dravyaguna, the science of the knowledge of plants and their utilization

V.M: Dwivedi, who has been an international authority in the field of Rasayanas



The safety of the production as the result of having our own production facilities in India


All products imported from India come from "Maharishi Ayurveda Products India". This ensures that a consistently high quality is maintained. It employs a large number of pickers who are specially trained to gather the fruits and wild herbs. Rare plants are especially cultivated in order to preserve the wealth of Indian flora.






Only the best raw materials


The effectiveness of a plant varies considerably according to the season, cycles of the moon, and the time of day when it is harvested. All plants are harvested at their most ideal time which significantly enhances their potency. After harvesting, each delivery batch is meticulously tested, sorted, and cleaned. Raw materials are discarded if in the opinion of our experts they fail to meet the required quality standards in terms of purity, ripeness, or potency.


Qualitiy controls according to renowned certifications...


"Maharishi Ayurveda Products India" is one of the very few companies in India to have integrated many quality control systems into its production process. It is certified according to ISO, HACCP, WHO-GMP, BDIH.



A double quality control by Independent European laboratories


Independent European laboratories perform further testing in order to insure maximum security in accordance with the most up-to-date European standards.



Highest quality VedAroma Essential Oils from wild or organically grown plants


The quality of an essential oil is very important for its effectiveness.

The VedAroma essential oils are 100% natural, completely pure, and distilled slowly under low pressure to enhance maximum potency.