Prevention in Ayurveda
From imbalance to disease
How to avoid the onset of disease

How illness does arise

Ayurveda describes the six stages of development of an imbalance into a disease.

  1. accumulation of the Doshas (imbalances) in their own place: “Sanchaya”
  2. aggravation of the imbalances: “Prakopa”
  3. dissemination of the Doshas into the whole body: “Prasara”
  4. localization in one part of the body and appearance of first symptoms: “Sthana Samsraya”
  5. full manifestation of the disease: “Vyakti”
  6. the disease becomes chronic, complications appear: “Bheda”

The sooner imbalances can be treated, the better the chances are of avoiding the onset of disease, its progression and resulting complications.
Ayurveda addresses imbalances at the early stages 1-3 by restoring balance - that is what we call prevention - and treats the disease at stages 4-6
Diagnosis and treatment in modern medicine is limited to the last 3 stages.