Supporting program

 (photo conference room, yoga))

 During your stay, all the conditions join together to sustain the effects of your treatment:

 The atmosphere is peaceful, the team very caring.

The environment of Seelisberg is close to an ideal situation (link to “environment)

If you wish, you can participate in Yoga in the morning or learn a technique of deep relaxation- Transcendental Meditation.

On many evenings, presentations are made on various subjects relating to Ayurveda.

You can listen to Gandharvaveda music in your room or in the livingroom.

The Ayurvedic meals are especially conceived for Panchakarma (link to “ayurvedic meals”) and allow your digestive system to also enjoy a holiday!

You may also wish to experience some state-of-the art Chromo Therapy or Aroma Therapy, or receive refreshing skin care for the face.