Various Treatments

Maharishi Ayurveda Treatments

(photos from treatments)


Treatments are recommended by the physician according to your imbalances. If you are doing Panchakarma, you may be prescribed a pre-treatment whose purpose is to optimize the elimination of toxins.

Oils and treatment pastes are prepared with Ayurvedic herbs and are chosen especially for you. They can be strengthened with essential oils.

According to the Ayurvedic tradition, ladies are treated by ladies, men by men.





Abhyanga: Massage with medicated oil. It gives deep relaxation, stimulates the circulation; nourishes skin, muscles and joints. Ayurveda also recommends it to improve sleep and to balance the immune system.

Udvartana: "Peeling" massage with a mixture of cereals and medicinal plants, for deep lymphatic drainage. It helps in losing weight, and stimulates blood circulation. It cleans the skin deeply.


Garshan: Massage with silk gloves, helps in losing weight and stimulates the circulation.


Vishesh: Deep muscle massage, recommended for athletes.


Pizzichili, the "Royal Treatment": Abhyanga followed by a massage under a continuous stream of warm oil. Deeply nourishing and purifying. It is the best treatment for strengthening the nervous system, tendons and muscles.


Pindasveda: Abhyanga followed by a nourishing massage with milk and medicinal plants recommended for the joints, the back and the neck. It also helps in relieving muscle's tensions. It is done either on the whole body (by 4 therapists) or locally (by 2 therapists).






On the head :

Shirodhara: Continuous stream of warm medicated oil on the forehead. Very pacifying for the nervous system and balancing for the hormonal system. It can be given in the traditional way using a copper bowl.


Shirobasti: Abhyanga followed by a medicated head bath, for addressing sleep problems, headaches and migraine...


Takradhara : Intensive treatment of VataPitta imbalances (mental hyperactivity, insomnia ...). Flow of cooling medicated liquid on the forehead.


Shiro Pichu: Application of medicated oil on the head without massage.


Nasya: Head, neck and shoulder massage with cleansing of the upper body's "Shrotas" (the channels of communication). It is recommended for sinus problems, headaches and to strengthen memory and concentration abilities.


Netratarpana: gentle treatment for the eyes. It cleanses and lubricates the eyes, and relaxes eye muscles.


Face treatment for Acne



For the Heart:

Hrid Basti: Medicated oil bath for pacifying emotions and strengthening the heart.


Hrid Pichu: Application of medicated oil on the heart area without massage.



For the Back:

Kati Basti: Medicated oil bath to strengthen the spine. Very useful in case of back pain. Helps to "centre" the "Vata".

Local Pindasveda


For the Joints:

Patrapottali: Massage with ayurvedic plants, using a special technique with small bags, for relieving acute or chronic pain.

Local Pindasveda


For the Feet:

Padadhara: it pacifies the nervous system, stimulates blood circulation in legs and feet.



TREATMENTS WITH HEAT: for loosening the toxins and improving their elimination

Svedana: Herbal steam bath. It is excellent for stiffness of joints or muscle tension.






ENEMAS-COLON THERAPY (only during Panchakarma) :

Basti: Enemas, either gentle using medicated oils, or purifying using herbal decoctions; they are necessary for efficient elimination of toxins.




MAHARISHI « RADIANT HEALTH » TREATMENTS (other name for beauty treatment?)

For weight-loss or anti-cellulitis with specific ayurvedic herbs. They combine an Abhyanga (oil massage) with a peeling, a steam bath and the application of a treating milk.


Ayurvedic Nourishing Face Mask with anti-wrinkles care properties